Torsten Nagengast: CEO of the EXTREME WATCH

As we started out to build the extreme we did not start out to compare with anybody else in the watch industry. We started out from my personal background to create the best out of the two completely different industries I perfectly know, inspired by the spirit of EXTREME sport.

At very early stage, at the start of the project it was clear the key to success will be the difference in DNA and we united the best out of the watch production and the automotive industry Hi-tech materials, strong leaded by the EXTREME spirit in a way like nobody else did it before! Not just talking about another fashion color or design I am talking about doing the 20% more then other Microbrands. I am talking about the 20% of effort what pushes you in front and give´s our Watchfriends the real reason to invest in this watch.

Advantages of Hi-Tech Time-Instrument and the message is clear – we want to beat the market.

— Torsten Nagengast about the Extreme Watch


The different models

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