It’s an exciting time, our new watch is officially on sale now!!

Unique design, ultra-light 45 grams, 100M waterproof. Come and realize the amazing charm, let it accompany you through every extreme moment!

Extreme Watch

Our Story

At very early stage, at the start of the project it was clear the key to success will be the difference in DNA and we united the best out of the watch production and the automotive industry Hi-tech materials. Not confined to just another fashion brand or creative design! EXTREME is about doing that 20% more than any other micro brand or experience. That extra 20% of effort that pushes you to WIN and gives our watch-friends the real reason to invest in EXTREME watch. Advantages of Hi-Tech Time-Instrument and the message is clear – we want to beat the market.

Hardened Aluminum Movement

Perfect in point of weight, perfect in point of strength, free of any tensions and TOP results during temperature tests. No microbrand in the watch industry used the hardened aluminum to produce all bridges and plates of the movement, nobody is taking like we do the advantages of the characteristics of this high-performance material.

Reinforced Carbon Case

A carbon body assembled it in a sandwich style with titanium bezel and bottom, it gives a stability and strength we can find only in F1 sports cars, which is also used in a molded CFC monocoques serving as its passenger cabin or in Hi-tech combat jets.


How many times have you surprised yourself and done something you had once only hoped to do, or done something you thought was impossible? If you’re searching for a challenge that puts your mind and body to the test – take it to the extreme.

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Partners Who Shares the Same Spirit.

The EXTREME watch is a transformer and the EXTREME team is looking for the best cooperation partners who share the same spirit of doing more, of reaching goals and of creating something worthy together.

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