Lin Yun - EXTREME Ambassador


Lin Yun is a survivor – only 20th years old his courage, bravery and charming personally are just a handful of reasons why we enjoy having him as one of our ambassadors.

On May 15th, 2015, Lin suffered a tragic accident. Climbing an electric pylon to get a view of the countryside; Lin accidentally grabbed a live wire resulting in a massive electric shock, throwing him over 20 feet to the ground.

After 12 months in hospital fighting for his life, Lin battled and pulled through. The cost; his right leg and major burn scares all over his body. Some people would hide away from society, worried about what people would say. Not Lin! Lin in an inspiration and a motivation to is all.

Today Lin is a regular gym rat, loving life and enjoying bodybuilding. He hopes to compete next year in local fitness and bodybuilding competitions and works extremely hard to achieve his goals.

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