Titanium is used inside the Car engine or even more impressive inside the human body. What material can be better for being in touch with the skin of an EXTREME Watch owner.

Carbon fiber is Stronger than steel and a fraction of its weight. Assembled in a sandwich style with Titanium bezel and bottom it gives a stability and strength we can find only in F1 sports cars, which have also a molded CFC monocoque serving as its passenger cabin and structural core or Hi-Tech combat jets.


The exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio makes them absolutely legitimate candidates for metal replacement applications. Because of electromagnetic shielding perfect for anti-static applications. Higher stiffness, at the same time the material has a lower density and should be used where the highest possible stiffness is required. Carbon fiber composite materials are widely applied and currently used in aircraft and aerospace fields, such as for civil and military aircrafts, space rockets, artificial satellites and etc.

Carbon is extensively used in high-performance automobile racing. The high cost of carbon fiber is mitigated by the material’s peerless combination of high strength and low weight. Over the course of the past few decades, many Supercars have incorporated carbon in their production, using it for the monocoque chassis as well as other parts. High-quality surface finish also provides an opportunity to produce visible parts in a wide variety of colors. Good coloration properties of the material can also be used to identify or label different components, which significantly expands the possibilities for cooperation and co-branding.


Made from Titanium and High-performance Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers. The Carbon fiber (or glass fiber) case-body perfectly compensates temperatures and shocks, it makes the watch lighter and incredibly comfortable to wear during an active day. Titanium is used for the skin connected parts and known as one of the most reliable materials in point of weight and resistance, it’s used in medicine for producing various implants. Because of its biocompatibility and bioactive surface, it creates an ideal cellular response. Could other material fit better to the skin of our customers?